Monday, January 23, 2012

The Plan....Again

I just came out of a vocational training. Pretty much it was a full day when I get to know the company that I will be working for and what the company has to offer. but I must say I left the training feeling inspired. In the last 15 minutes of the training the trainer expressed the importance of planning out for success. When he said that I immediately reflected on my past accomplishments and dream to realize what he was saying was true and how much sense it made. The truth is, that if we ever really want to accomplish something no matter what we say or what we are trying to accomplish, we have to plan it out. The example that he used was the fact that even if a couple was just trying to go on a simple vacation, one would still have to put some time and effort into planning that vacation. He showed us a chart of how we could visualize what he was trying to express and it really hit home. He said we could use this outline to successful plan our future. 

The method for planning out for the future or anything  would be to ask oneself these five questions:

1. Where Am I now?
Currently, I am not happy nor satisfied. I have surpassed the limit of where I wanted to be  a long time ago and it has been a struggle to turn things around. When it comes to this weight loss I am not losing as much as I would like at the speed that I would like and I find myself becoming easily discouraged. As of this morning I was weighing in at 212lbs, when 6 years ago on this date I weighed 163lbs and I really and truly believed I was the queen bee of this game back then, but then is not now.
2. Where do I want to be?
I want to be healthy. I am 23 years old and I would love to have the feeling of being a youth again. Life is too short and I know that now. I want to do everything that I can to live life to the fullest. I used to illuminate with the radiance, it would be more than satisfying if I would be able to find it again. 
A missing poster was put up recently, it read "Confidence Missing. Last seen 5 years ago, suspect? Tummy Lard, the crime stealing confidence.

3. Where do you not want to be?
 I do not want to weigh so much. I don't want to see tummy fat anymore. I would like to posses a waist at the least. I do want to see my collar bones. Would love to see my class ring come off of my right hand, since I have been unable to take it off for he past 3 years. Also the proof in the pudding would be to have the ability to place my class ring on my thumb, sadly that would be proof that I have accomplished much.
4. What difference does this make?
I have watched and read many weight loss results blogs & vlogs. Many tend to testify that if you were depress when  you were big, you will still be depressed when you lose all the weight. I would beg to differ. It was then when I smiled the hardest. It was then when I felt like the "World was Mine" and that no one could stop me. On average many put on  or lose 1 to 5 lbs a year. I put on 20 one year, then 30 more the next and now this is where I am today. I really and truly feel that the weight loss will revive the confidence, bringing back happiness and joy, bettering my relationships with the loved ones around me.
5. Let's get where we want to be
May 2012 : I would like I need to be at least 138 for a trip that I will be taking.
Now what steps I will be taking to get there I am not so sure. I can make a weekly break down but if I miss on a weekly goal then I know I would give up completely.  
Blue: Goal!

This is my plan. I will follow up with this plan ever once in a while to make sure that I am following with the plan.


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