Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lunch Walk - Late Post

I did great on Thursday until I caved in at night.

Here's my lunch post from Thursday.


So Thursday night the 25th I caved in. 2 slices of pizza, clara bar, and rose milk tea. I also tried some smoke cornbeef that my hubby got from Wegman's (delicious by the way).

So the next day i gained (.5lbs). Okay understood, there are always concequences for our actions. I got to the gym late in the morning. I also got a call from my mother, so I did not run as much as I could or better said normally would. This week I had been running 1.5 miles in the morning.

 I get a text from the hubby to have lunch. Normally, I run at lucnh so I skipped that yesterday. 

For lunch, we had Wendy's. I had Jr. Bacon Cheese  Burger, Crispy Chciken sandwhich and small chicken sandwhich....oh and fries of course.... With cheese and bbq sauce. As I write it out I see how crazy that was so I had to restart. I went to the gym after work and ran 5 miles. I sorry but i had to go hard. 

I ran the 2 miles that i woukd have normarly ran for lunch. I usually do 1.5 miles in the morning, but because I was late I only ran 1mile. I added .5 miles in there for good messure. I had planned the night before to run 2.0 miles after work. Anything after all of that was extra. I think my body is getting used to the running be ause i thought I woukd feel a better burn this morning but it feels like a saturday. I really want to be 190 by Monday since the weekend are the only time that I can really exert myself with no regrets.

I am kinda holding off on my morning weigh in. I wanted to give an update.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Down a pound

195 today!! Wish it was more but that's okay. A loss is a loss. I am always worried because at first you lose weight fast because yo clear your colon. Then any weight loss after that is be ause of the time and effort that you have put into losing weight. 

If I had more time.....

But I don't so I have to work effortlessly for this.

I was strong yesterday hope to be strong today.

I took it slow today as I had a morning call with my mommy and my better half.

I also did half a mile more and i forgot to take a picture. I think i did that in 9 mins

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Feeling Great

Lunch walk

Woot woot

Thought I was going to do 1.5 and then decided to do the full 2 miles #NoRegrets

Down 5 Since Monday

I was on point yesterday. Worked out. Ate well. Did not eay after 6pm. Denied an invitation to Popeyes.

So scarred to plateau so I am getting it in. #StayMotivated

I think this was slower than yesterday,  but the cramping in my inner thighs and quads yesterday was a bit too much. See what is in store today.