Saturday, February 27, 2016


So Thursday night the 25th I caved in. 2 slices of pizza, clara bar, and rose milk tea. I also tried some smoke cornbeef that my hubby got from Wegman's (delicious by the way).

So the next day i gained (.5lbs). Okay understood, there are always concequences for our actions. I got to the gym late in the morning. I also got a call from my mother, so I did not run as much as I could or better said normally would. This week I had been running 1.5 miles in the morning.

 I get a text from the hubby to have lunch. Normally, I run at lucnh so I skipped that yesterday. 

For lunch, we had Wendy's. I had Jr. Bacon Cheese  Burger, Crispy Chciken sandwhich and small chicken sandwhich....oh and fries of course.... With cheese and bbq sauce. As I write it out I see how crazy that was so I had to restart. I went to the gym after work and ran 5 miles. I sorry but i had to go hard. 

I ran the 2 miles that i woukd have normarly ran for lunch. I usually do 1.5 miles in the morning, but because I was late I only ran 1mile. I added .5 miles in there for good messure. I had planned the night before to run 2.0 miles after work. Anything after all of that was extra. I think my body is getting used to the running be ause i thought I woukd feel a better burn this morning but it feels like a saturday. I really want to be 190 by Monday since the weekend are the only time that I can really exert myself with no regrets.

I am kinda holding off on my morning weigh in. I wanted to give an update.

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