Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pedometer Challenge - Spring Into Fitness

So I will talk more into details another in another post about this challenge that started last Tuesday. but I wanted to state I just finished a  nice and early morning work out.

I was on the treadmill for about one hour and forty minutes. Then my machine just shut off on me. That is fine because I thought it would be nice to start my day.

This was the result of my work for this morning. 

I have a very old treadmill at home, antique compared to the ones at the gym that have an iPad connected to them for tracking purposes.

It's not clear but the screen went blank so it would not show the time but it did show that I did a distance of 5.685 miles
And roughly 1530 cals burned.

Here are the results from my pedometer.

I think before the work out this morning I had about 390 steps already on the pedometer. Of course after my workout I run to my computer in order to upload my results to track my progress for this new challenge and.....

Mind you this contest ends on Monday night at 11:59pm. It's a lot! Usually on Monday's I am usually so drained from work that I usually only get like 5k steps in for he while day. Side note: I should change that. Let me see how much I can put in for today.

I am going to seize the day and do some shopping my and make sure I walk around. Hopefully my goal is to rack up another 12-20k steps.

I will probably follow up tommorow, with St. Patty's day tommorow you know my city celebrated Friday, Saturday, today and tommorow. I will stay away from green beer but this would be a nice first tiem experience.

Out and about ~

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