Saturday, June 2, 2012


Have you seen the iphone commercial where a man says " Life" to the phone and the phone responds with a list of to dos and goal for life.



-Run at least 30 mins everyday
         *Stay Active =)
         *Plus I love the after work- out glow =)

-Read more
          *I love to play with my imagination and take my life into different worlds
          *Great therapy for the brain =) 
          * When you have a library card, why not?  

-Promise to always be his cheerleader

            *At a moments notice life could change so it's most important to take advantage of every moment. I would love to  find myself grounded but truthfully I am fully meant to move. 
             *Another note I would love to make it a point to have my family & friends come along for these trips.

Grand Turk

MargaritaVille, Gran Turk
San Juan , Puerto Rico

San Juan , Puerto Rico

San Juan , Puerto Rico

St. Thomas

St. Thomas

Atlantis - Nassau, Bahamas

Atlantis - Nassau, Bahamas

Atlantis - Nassau, Bahamas
Time Square, New York City, New York

Port, Miami, Florida

Carnival Cruise Ship

- Do not eat food from your place of employment
            * Serving Size is too much, and could save yourself $80 a week if I decided to make my own meals at home. (Literally)

Of  course this meal was The Bomb Dot Com but still not the most nutritious. 
To top if off I got a bottle of OceanSpray Cran-Grape it was soooo good too.

Beef enchilada with sour cream & salsa. With a side of Baked Sweet Potato Fries covered in honey

-Can have a drink once in while, But don't be an alcoholic.
     * A couple of weeks ago this was my reality check. I couldn't sleep until I would have a glass of wine before bed. Seriously, that is a problem

Drinks at the Cheesecake Factory with the Ladies
- Get to know the city your in
            *Make it a point to enjoy the weekend's in my current city outside of the home. I have always enjoyed being out and about but since I have stayed home lately that is when I am packing on the lbs so we have to put a stop to that ASAP.

Local Dance Battle on a Saturday Night
 I am hoping to start taking hip hop clauses here this upcoming week. 
This will be something new =)
So Excited!!

As far as my list goes this is all that I can think of but
 I promise to update this list every once in a while. 
I think having this type if list is awesome.

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