Saturday, September 3, 2011

One Day At A Time

This Morning : 213.5 =)

Natural weight loss is the best but it only occurs when I am crazy busy & stressed. 
I know that if I concentrate hard enough I can do it. In the past if I dedicated myself enough I could lose 12lbs in a week if I really wanted to.

Even though I have lost a little weight, I feel so healthy. Last month I was always feeling so sleep deprived. The stress of things had me at a point were I couldn't breathe but then I realized I have to take things easy and concentrate on myself to find the happy medium. and now I feel overwhelmed with energy and I can't control it
This is what I have been doing so far.....

Breakfast of Champions

Muffin w/ Cream Cheese & Jelly
1tbs of Smucker's Low Sugar Concord Grape (50 Cals)
1 tbs of Cream Cheese (50 Cals)
Muffin (90 Cals)
Total  190 Calories

I know it looks messy but mind you as a girl on the go, this look is as good as it gets.

Drink of Choice:

Lipton half & Half (110 Cals)

I round out the breakfast with the best invention ever half & half. 
If that is even an option on the menu I take it any day.
I am ALL about the Arnold Palmer.

Goals for Next week:
Get out of the 210's
Looks 1 inch around my gut

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