Sunday, September 25, 2011


I find it curious, the times when I am out and about, I lose an obscene amount of weight. The Weekends when I decide to stay in is when I gain a bunch. It's pure boredom with nothing to do. I'll create an extravagant sunday dinner for my Boo and Myself.
Well the past 2 weeks I have been straining myself going back to school for a license and that has been keeping me pretty busy. Too bad not to many results.
Pic #1: Weigh In
Slow and Steady
Half & Half aka Arnold Palmer
Best Drink inventions ever
I order any time I can see it's present. Currently Arizona has them. The first time I tried one was in the The Shack on ____ wow mind went blank but I will gladly update this if anyone is interested.
Picture #3
Lunch, all I had packed and I have decided to be frugal lately.
Well that's all for now but I will keep yah'll posted lol
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