Thursday, November 10, 2011

Food Haul

Step one:

Stock up on healthy snacks on the account of my mentor.

And I think I did really good,

First up fruit shakes,
Just Add the Juice and Shake
No blender required.
So I ended up getting the 3 flavors that they have.

Late on I will review this item later after I get a chance to try each but I am not going to rush into drinking all of these.

Also, I got Cranberry Orange Cream Cheese, delish!

Also got some whole wheat bread to put the cream cheese on.

Also some Greek Seasoning, we have chicken for days but with 12 spices, no doubt it should be scrumptious.

If I want more protein I also got eggs with that order.

That's all that I got today. I would say that's a couple of options to snack on instead of running to greasy food.

Til Next Time

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