Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Sum Up

Hello Hello,

Cheers to this beautiful Memorial day weekend. I really want to make a note to thank all those that have served for us. Every year this holiday gets more real with more and more friends and acquaintances serving. 

With that being said I made it a point to be out and about this weekend. The highlight of this weekend was trying these capri jean pants that I have not been able to wear in the past 3 years. The jeans completely fit. I was able to zip and it was no where tight on my hip.

Yet, right after the highlight came my lowlight. I went out to play handball in the sun. Handball for those that don't know is a game played by 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs 2, played with a racket ball against a concrete wall. In the process I almost died. I played 30 mins with 1 minute pauses in between each play for breathing. It was a lot. So although I've been running it seems as if it has not been enough and that my health is not there

Further disappointment, I was thinking that I would have weighed in at 201 or so with all the work out that I had been doing but I guess with all the drinking that I had been doing I came in at 205. but still it felt as if it should have been less but whatevs.

The same day I jogged/limped 1.78 miles. In the midst (not even the midpoint) of the the jog I cramped and literally collapsed on the middle of the jog path. I ad to limp the rest of the way and that just seemed like an impossible feet. Just today I think the cramp on my left calf has healed.

We also ended the night at a dance battle and it was amazing. If you get to know me I love to support local business. It's an amazing organization where local dancers come compete. Literally the only place where I see individuals dance so live. They were selling their energy drink where their proceeds go to the studio. It was soo delish!!

We ended the night with NY style Pizza and prepare to be amazed.....

Arizona Pina Colada.....What What!! It was good made with Coco Lopez Coconut Juice and it was sooo delish. and for $1 most worth it.

 I ended this night by hitting the grand opening of a friends club from what I recall I have 2 peach Sangria's and 2 Screwdrivers.

So that was just Saturday and I have to get back in the flow of docing. and promise to get in the rhythm of blogging on the regular. I always go through these phases but the truth is I get the most results when I am constantly updating the results. 

Just with this entry alone there is not doubt that I am where I am with my weight based on what I have been doing, the drinking the late night eating. but mostly the drinking.

Any who, I had a great time this weekend and I hope to let the fun times roll.

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