Sunday, June 3, 2012

Key to Keeping Food Fresh - Prepping Before Hand **WARNING IMAGES MAY BE DISGUSTING**

Week after week we make a determination to shop for fresh produce but do these images look familiar to you?

There are some of us that can take the step past making the note to purchase fresh produce versus actually going out there & really buying veggies and meats at out local markets.

 No matter what ,we know that whether we actually take the time to make a meal or leave the produce in the fridge time after time the produce rots and therefore goes to waste. 

(I know that there are also those that cook everything that they have in the fridge and don't have to worry about throwing things away but this post are for those that don't)

Cherry Tomatoes after 2 weeks purchase

There are so many reasons why week after week produce ends up rotting in our fridge.

Rotten Peppers

Have you thought of making a great meal but then you 
cancel the thought when you think of all the vegetable & meat that you would have to wash and prep. 

With the idea of how much time one would spend on prepping,
 many do not take the step to make the meal.

The solution for myself and that I would recommend is Prep the food before hand
I would not advise right before a meal because prepping may not be something you want to do while your starving. The best time to prep would be right after having a lunch or dinner................With the understanding you still have some energy in you, take out all the veggies & meats cut them up and store away. 

Libby's Mandarin Oranges in A Can

Drain out the light syrup
Store away!! ^_^
The time when I have to chuck out the most produce would be when I purchase food in bulk. 
By me, oranges run $5.99 per lb. But I can purchase a large bushel of Cilantro for $1.29. 
I always take a small chunk for my cantina tacos or Tom Ga Ka (Thai Coconut Soup) but never enough to use the whole amount. 

Today I decided to prep my cilantro.

Chop off the stem and then chop the remaining cilantro

Then place chopped cilantro in storage container with 3 tsp of lime juice, 6 stems of green onions (also prepping).

Hopefully this method works but it's some pro-active 
action to make sure money is not going straight into the trash.

Anyone have any other better tips? Please let me know

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