Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Birthday Wish.....

            I am going to be honest, very honest,
Every year I have a birthday campaign. I always try to get to a weight that on the day of my birthday would make me feel comfortable and actually proud of myself for reaching goal. Time after time, year after year I never reach goal.

I was making a collage for my sisters birthday. It looks more like a time line of the past 7 years. It was amazing to she how she has grown to be a beautiful young lady over time. but as I was creating this collage, I was going thru old pics and I saw how much I have changed.....and not in a good way. I was reflecting again how I let myself go. 

Before (circa 2006)

After (Circa August 2010)
(Circa May 2012)

The obvious pattern was that as time went by I got chunkier, less photos appeared, and I myself appeared less happier in the photos.

On the 21nd of this Month I decided to work on having a healthy feeling by the time my birthday came. With about 50 days until my birthday, I am making a sincer birthday goal of reaching goal weight &  running a 5k race, which I will train for.

Today I weigh in:
Since the 21st I have lost 2 lbs and I hope I can maintain a steady pace. Usually I start of fast but I am starting slow at this point (due to lady days). I am soo bloated right not but I'm losing weight. So, either way I am on track.

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