Monday, August 20, 2012

So I have been bloggin'.... A lot actually..... But today, it has come to my attention that the post have not been posting up. I got a returned e-mail stating that a post that I tried posting last week was unable to post.

It's upsetting because things have been going great this week. I am almost back to post cruise weight and I am very certain that by then end of the week I can finally get to goal 194....woot woot.

Anywho, I have small storage space on my cell so I delete the pics off my phone after I post up pics so many weigh in's have been lost. =(

But I guess I will have to continue updating the old fashion way, by sitting my bottom down and typing away. I sincerely apologize, it was just recently brought up to me.

On That note

Happy Monday!!

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