Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Summary

The day I had been dreading has come and left. I was so focused last week I had been at my lowest that I had been since 2007. Well from what I remember..haha. But still I knew my sugar pie would make dinner for six even though it would be for just us two. The damage was done but I let this go on for one more day. I had like 2 cups of mac & cheese when I got home and then woke up to left over General Tso Chicken left on my office table this morning. but that's it!! more!!

With that being said this moment is over and now I am amped to get back on track for the holidays. I did some Black Friday shopping but it has felt very blah. The deals that they offered, really did not call me and that might just be because I was not looking for electronics, but I partook in the events none the less.

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