Sunday, December 16, 2012

6 Days Left

Woke up feeling good to be honest. I am so proud of myself for the this past month. I have literally been eating healthy and exercising to the point where the treadmill was becoming boring for second....

I started this thing off at 202 and I have come down to 192. I am overjoyed with the 10lbs loss. I knew I worked hard so there's no surprise with the loss. These next 6 days I will try harder I want to surprise my family with a little more loss.
It's funny to look back and think about how I did not want to wear my onderland chain, although I was blogging that I would never go back to 200's, it sincerely did not feel that way. but now I know for certain it won't be the case. At my heaviest during the day, because of course we fluctuate throughout the day I weigh 195. I am just so confident that I will never go back.

With this past stride I have been able to read  of my goal weight 197 & 195 and of course to celebrate I treat myself.
I will be using the dress for these upcoming holiday festivities and then I will put up a pic with the dress on. Well at this point all I have to say is let's keep trucking....til next time

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