Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Guess Not Eating Like a Pig Makes You Anorexic

So as I write this I am sort of upset but not really anymore. I was alot more upset earlier today.Yet, this is something I want to bring up. So lately, god forbid I say I am slightly hungry because then my co-workers say little comments like "Are you eating?" I respond "yeah I had..." their response "Are you sure?" It was like what the front door? I think I know what I had for lunch all of 1 hr ago.

I have one co-worker whom insinuated I starve myself today, and it was like the straw the broke the camels back. Like seriously, that is what you have to say after I post on my blog, twitter, and Instagram how I just ran and have been running my butt off. But no.... there is not credit for the effort just pure jabbing of my efforts down with insinuation that I am not eating like......seriously? And it's not like starving is easy either but there is no way that the piggy and food addict in me and my boo would allow for me to starve even if I tried.

The worst is that all this stems from one person at work. I swears it's like all she claims is gold. People take her claims like she is the internet, where there is no check on her credentials whatsoever.

When confronting people I get "I heard..." Me: "From Me?"  "Well, no" Me: "Then Forget what you heard!!" (keeping this PG)

So, the moral of this story is:

"I will take what you said as a compliment, but "I WORKOUT"!!"

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