Monday, January 7, 2013

100 Day Challenge #100DC

I need to focus and have something set. I need to challenge myself to be able to look back and see the change. Today I watch junkinthetrunkk I have been an avid follower for years now.

In her last vlog she talks about how last year she had an amazing year with a light of positive changes in her life but that she did fall off of the wagon and she is working on getting back on track.

I am a couple of days to late but she created a 100 Day Challenge with a weight loss goal of 40lbs. No matter what April 2013 is going to be life changing and I would love to embrace it with healthy arms.

I am currently very sick. I have been drinking alot of tea and and alot of soups so I am carrying a lot of water weight but I need to start now. So I will weigh myself and take in the number without judgement and I hope you could do the same.

Keep in mind although my camera does not weigh a lot, please make a note that this photo was taken on the scale while holding my camera compared to other times where that was not the case.

Check this out, from this point I am going to have a counter to follow up with what I am going to be doing. and more post to come.....

Now back to bed I go ::cough cough cough cough, sniffle::

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