Thursday, January 31, 2013

Smoke & Mirrors

I attended a district meeting and it might have been years since I had attended my last.

It was so encouraging, it was a reminder that if we have strong conviction we can make the impossible, possible. That's my belief and that is what I strive for.

I hit a wall but with my practice I am convinced that I will truly overcome. I follow many great bloggers whom not only are tearing through their CGW's but they are never looking back. That's a lot of pressure.

But always remind myself that I have to do this for me.

Lately, I don't know if it's the Latina in me but every morning I have been have coffee with crackers and all that jazz. Honestly it's not helping. And also that I have finished all my fruits and veggies and I have not gotten the chance to go food shopping.

But this is where I am right now....

Listening: Gotye - Smoke & Mirrors

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