Sunday, February 17, 2013

Food Haul

If I am going to make sure that I stay on point, I have to remain stacked up on healthy food. I dubbed for a lot of yogurt and veggies.

Here is my food haul for the week

I live for this yogurt. 
Every item and flavor that I have tried has been amazing and out of this world.

Alpina Revive was delicious, my only reserve is the granola that comes with it. 

Honey Revive Non-Fat Yogurt was great and it 
came with a granola that contained ginger
I thought it was a very interesting concept. 
So if anything Revive create unique granola. Something I would suggest.

My favorite topping for my salad.


I need this to get me through Thursday.
 Since I have been working out my appetite has defiantly increased so I am have to make sure I am stocked up on the right things.

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