Friday, May 3, 2013

Bottoms Up

So what do you do with the fruit when you are done with the flavored water?

One thing you could do is twist off the cap to your drink and eat away.

Another option would be to blend the fruits in a blender for a shake.

What I like to do is juice it up. I bought a juicer from Walmart months ago. I think I had posted about it. Using the fruit from 2 bottles, when I use the juicer I have enough juice to make 2 cups of juice.

The part the hurts the most is all the pulp and fiber that gets left behind, any suggestions as to what I could do with all that left over pulp?

Anywho, my colon feels cleansed and I keep getting these work outs in. I decided that my mile stone for the 8 weeks will be a race that I will be running with my friends and my boo thang.

So let me go sign up for that before I change my mind.

I wish everyone a good night.

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