Saturday, October 19, 2013

Morning Workout Summary

Woke up late today but I was able to make it to 11am Zumba. I had a great time the instructor goes hard and it's always a great time to let loose with some booty shaking. 

I have an severe issues of cramping when barley doing activities. This issue has gotten worse over the years. When speaking with my mother she said it was very common. I make it a point to be really hydrated and to stretch out well. 

For a cool down I ran / jogged / walked a 5k. Felt great! My goal when it comes to the 5k is to complete under 40 mins. I think with practice that is some that would be very doable.

After the gym headed over to Aldi's and grab some grub for the weekend to chow down.

 No shame in what I purchased today. Again, it hard to get off all bad food immediately. It all consist of baby steps. Technically you can have anything you like, but of course in moderation.

That is all for now, but I have a feeling I will head back later today. I am really trying to get to the point were I am craving good habits. Staying home and doing nothing gets you no where.

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