Saturday, February 8, 2014

What is my motivation?

Looking at the layout of my blog's really silly.

Just at a glance I can tell that I haven't updated my about me in 3 years. Also my goals list is not really motivating. An specific outfit if I get to a certain weight when fashion trends always changing is silly. On top of that there are many things listed that I  have already gone on purchased already even before hitting goal.

So the question becomes what is the motivation? What is that "MO" factor? I keep thinking I would love to go to a beach and feel comfortable with my mid-drift showing like I used to. I would like to take a full figures family photo and leave in the books so when I look back I can say I was always a foxy lady. Foxy probably not the word that I was looking for. I would love to get into tip top shop so that I can have a healthy baby in the near future.

I have to keep that in mind....consistently. Again I have to take the small steps today...right now... to see progress in the future.

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