Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Still studying for the midterm that I have in the morning. but I wanted to give some sort of an update as what to what my current goals are for the moment.

I am going to be traveling in little less than a month,

There is not lost hope because i have strong motivation to do this. I am going to Venezuela where all the women are 5ft and about 90lbs by default. I know I won't be able to reach that weight nor do I think that is a healthy weight.

The last time these people saw me I think I was around 160lbs. They way my family talked about me it was like I was the hugest thing around especially in their eyes. but because of all the hiking and walking that we did i came back to the states at 121lbs. Although the people in Venezuela still thought I was huge by the end of the trip when I came back to NY everyone was so impressed with the way that I looked. =]

You might be thinking, well if you knew you were going you should have started working on this earlier, but the truth is that I had no idea. I found out about 1 week ago that I was going and since then I was just able to get myself out of the 200's and just weighed myself at 199.7 this morning. Which is great because 1wk and 2 days ago I was 213lbs. but as you guys the 1st week always seems to be the most rewarding one.

Here are some pictures of myself @ 211 I think

But to be down from 211 to 199 right now feels great!!! I just have to keep things up and I know that when I travel I know that what the people there have to say to me will not bug me as much.

I am sure that by tomorrow night I will have video up and I will make sure to keep you posted as the days go by.


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