Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Do you know why the show the Biggest Loser works? It's because when one takes out all the worries in the world out of the equation, one can focus on the most important thing, Themselves.

This past week we have had friends from high school come up and visit my BF and I man have I gone off tract.

Basically the agreement was that I would take them around town and they would return the favor with delicious home cooked meals.

The problem is that everything they make is so0o0o0o delicious. It's very hard to resist not having more that a regular sized portion. It's bananas!!!

But I must admit that I am eating less and more healthier but 215lbs!!!!!

What I am I doing wrong?

I am eating healthy and less than before, and I did not weigh myself under the impression that I was going to lose a ton of weight. and when I weighed myself this Morning I was 215lbs. I really and truly can't believe it.

I guess I will have to lose weight like the BIGGEST LOSER style, where I just focus on myself for the next 1.5 weeks because there is no way I can go to South America big like this. May I remind you that this is the place where everyone on average weighs 80lbs because of malnutrition. I think what is affecting me the most is the idea that the last time I went to Venezuela the first thing that my uncle had said to me when i got off the plane the last time when I went was "Wow! Your really Fat". That is why i get really upset when my dad told me last minute that we were going to Venezuela. I don't care but no matter what I have to shed the pounds.

I have to do it!!

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