Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wow!!! What a great week!!

This week Felt amazing!!!!!!

After watching losingluisa's youtube vid last week about her weight loss boot camp, I got it together and I decided to head to the gym. and boy it was worth it.

Well I went to the gym on Friday and I was on the elliptical for about 1hr and it felt so00o go0o0d like you have no idea. I don't know about you guys but tearing up muscles while working out feels really great to me. and there was a whole lot of that. Going to the gym repeated all weekend long, and after a devastating weight gain of (+1.5lbs) for the 2nd week of lose to win, I was able to lose (-3Lbs) in just 4 days. Now I am very motivated to keep this going especially now that I am part of the lose to win challenge.

The funny thing is that I have pretty easy access to a gym. For example, the picture that you see to the left is the weightlifting room at my school and the sad part that with all the tuition that I pay I have yet to really take advantage of this facility. Well starting this week I decided to change that.
This week I have a big goal but I would like to go ahead and say that I would like to lose 10lbs.

Even though this is going to be a stressful team that is no excuse to not take a little time to myself and go work out.

With midterms (3 of them) this week it's going to be very hard to update this week but I hope that you understand.

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