Monday, October 26, 2009

I am 21 and I am still denied from clubs

I had a really bad experience this past Friday. On Friday I went to a bar crawl, 18 Bars, no cover, special discounts on drinks and what not. But for a couple of the bars they were not letting me in. They were coming up with these B.S. excuses, as to why not. To the point where I had to show my college ID (making things worse) and then freaking credit cards. I knew what they were getting at I just didn look like myself since my college ID photo I have put on a total of 63lbs and it's driving me nutso. So as I was falling off the band wagon because of my midterms that I had last week. I got back in check with this situation.
Here's a Better Look

I love my college ID, I love looking like a naught Latina school girl =]

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