Friday, February 24, 2012

The moment I have been waiting for....

For the 1st time in weeks we cancelled take out Thursday. Personally I know the choices of the things that we would consider ordering for take out and I felt that whatever I were to order I would regret it the next day.

Wow this is amazeBalls! So funny how I felt I was at this plateau for years. And now I am busting down all the doors. I guess since I have a fire under me that's all the motivating that I really needed.

So think about it like this I have lost a total of 6.5lbs since Monday. My only concern is that I cannot tell where I am losing the weight. I could suspect but I am not seeing anything disappearing right off the bat.

*Well now the goal of being 199 by Monday does not seem so out there. Wow, like really I feel so happy and excited. Again if I told you where I would love to be you would think of me a little crazy. So accomplishing these mini goals here and there is much better.

Now off for another day where no one can phase me.

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  1. Look how close you are to Onederland!! Get there, you're worth it!!