Thursday, February 23, 2012

Excited to report Weigh In today

I am so focused right now you have no idea.

The time deadline is crunching away and I am so far away from goal or even just a number that I feel comfortable. I have lost weight before so I know the 1st week is the best.

It's the cleanse, it's clearing out the colon as well as losing some water weight so it's dropping like polar ice caps melting away because of global warming (too much)?

Anyway, yes yes yes so excited to see this number. Let me guess that I have not weighed this much since 2009 around October.

Let me list it so you know and you keep my word to it. I would like to be 203lb by tomorrow morning. And at least in onderland by Sunday. (Again too much?) Who cares cuz I have a goal and I again, Soooooo focused!!

What really gets me going is watching all these videos on results, struggles, dance routines, and old school music video that get me into that Summer Jam mood loose tank top and short shorts.

I think I am going to start making shout outs on a weekly basis to the ladies and gents that keep me motivated & to show my appreciation.

Woot woot
Doing Cartwheels to work

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