Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2: Change

Starting Weight: 219
Today:              219

The way I work is that I need to see results. It has to be drastic so I can see the difference and want to keep going. Not going to lie yes my health is a Major concern but the results are what make you believe.

I didn't make the rules, that is just the game that I play. Tons of fruits in the last couple of days, and I think this is improving my bowel system.

Well I guess I am going to start running. Running like there is not tomorrow. My Alma Marter has a huge field with a track and I would love to go out for a run with the puppies.

I have a new mini challenge, my sister says she needs me t go home for at least a weekend to help her with the preparations of the party. But it has to be worth it. I have to get to 189. That's the goal and plan.

Please don't question my thoughts.

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