Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 1: Statistics

It is not about how much time I have to losing the weight, it's more about getting to THAT number. A number where I was comfortable in my own skin.

Alot of girls might be saying 179 really? yeah really. I felt great at 179 everything was balanced and not that much of a belly.

With no job and all the time in the world I know that I can make this weight and I will. I just have to wake up to what it is that I am doing right now and make the changes.

Starting Weight : 219
Goal : 179

Mind you I do have an ultimate goal number and I will love to get there and hopefully I can be there in less than a year, but realistically that is not possible but we will see what happene as time comes along.

Also for the girls that are thinking oh there she goes again talking about how she is going to lose it and then she is not, imma give u a huge Fuck You but I will get there thank you very much =P

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