Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beyond pleased with my significant other

Starting Weight 219
Today              214 =)

Today was a great day. Usually I don't get out much so the days just pass me by,just like the month of June.  Today my significant other came and made me go out for a walk along the bike path. Mind you  we walked it but it was exercise none the less.

It was great. See when you live in a big city you have no choice but to walk around, but when you live in suburbia like I am now it's like "No way Jose I am walking............ewwwww."

But like I was say it was great we walked about 6 miles and then we played a game of handball. This is the most excercise I have done all summer I can tell you that well besides the 4 hours dance rehersals that we have been having for the July East Territory Youth Festival.

All I know is that I have to keep this momentum going I cannot allow for this wonderful weather to pass me by to then starting walking in inches of snow again no no no ha ha ha

Also I think I have to find a cardio activity that I can stick to, and right now that is Dancing. I am going to dance myself thin. hmmmmm that sounds like a great name for a youtube user account.

P.S.  Yes I know I have to put pictures up on this thing =)

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