Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On Weight Watchers

All the Weight Watchers Goodies
I recently meet a friend and she was telling me her story about weight watchers. How she had been on the program before and how it worked for her. But from her testimonial it works but it seems that after people leave the program they are not able to keep off the weight, which is very sad.

But the working part sounded good so this past Monday I joined Weight Watchers.

I was supposed to go to my meeting this morning but I woke up right at the time that the meeting started. but I feel like I am on track.

At my local super market they had lean cuisine on sale today like -$1.50 less than it usually is. and damn baby it was good. Each meal is about 5 weight watchers points but it's all gravy.
Chicken w/ Lasangna Rollatini & Butternut Squash 
Yummy Yummy

290 Cals
9 Grams of Fat
3 Grams of Fiber
Yumm Yumm
270 Cals
7 grams of fat
5 grams of fiber

Both were very delish but.................. as I am unemployed at this time the regular price of this meal is too expensive. I would rather buy a couple bags of frozen vegetables, for the same price of one of these and grill, them in a fat free sauce and have that for breakfast lunch and dinner.

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