Saturday, January 7, 2012

Close Your Eyes & Make A Wish

I am fully aware that there is not fast way to get through this process. And no easy way either But I, personally, love to speed things up. The reason being is I love reward. When I can see results I know I am going to commit further in the future because it's going to be worth it.

Now is the time! I mean the climate is right. I love the idea that I could do a really hard workout and then walk out to the cold to get an 100% cool down.

That being said I am going to personally have a 2 week challenge - biggest loser style. Working out, giving my all as much as time will allow for me.

I am taking a trip in a couple of months and I still feel that I can get to a point where I feel great and then make this trip really fun. I want to be vibrant and full of energy when I take this trip.


  1. What is the schedule and menu for your two week challenge? Sounds like a good way to push hard and shake things up. Just be good to yourself!

  2. Your right I should have a plan and a break down of the things that I will be doing these 2 weeks only make sense.

    I work better with organization