Friday, May 4, 2012

Final Weigh In

Today is the time I have been waiting for it's officially the day that I leave on my vacation of a life time (Pictures to come of course). 

This is to present the final weigh in. I came in today at 200.5 (yes!). 

I give it a yes because very truthfully, I had been working really hard (not !) but when I did I was able to accomplish many things that I was unable to do in years.

I have literally got in the habit of running 30 mins before work and 30 mins before I go to sleep. and it feels good. The days that I don't run I personally don't feel right. Those are the mornings where I get a lot of "Is everything okay?" from my co-workers like I have failure written all over my face.

This is my personal tip,I love to run, partially to the fact that I lover gearing up. Starts of with the sports bra then the running tights and then running shoes, Woahhhh it feels good. and Of  course with the results I knew that I would. (ba-dump-pump)

 Also it helps to document the process so with the new camera I get to do that all over but in all new angles. I Still miss doing the live updates but I should be picking up my new phone tomorrow so I still should be able to continue. but all in all new graphics pics to come, but yah sooo happy over all!! I mean come on

6 months ago when we decided to go on this journey I was......
So losing this dress size feel AMAZING =)
I think when I come back from the vacation I am going to continue to give it my all and turn this into a weigh in journey but to be more of specific journey, like choosing a body part to concentrate on for results. For example:
I am stating to see the definitions of some collar up in here. Well that's all for now. I am very proud to have this post to present and I hope that I can continue to share post like this in the future. Happy Spring Yah'll

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