Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm back!!

So I finally went on this cruise line that I had been obsessing to look great for during these past 6 months and it was great. First part of the trip consisted of seeing my family whom I had not seen in months, for the in-laws it had been years and it felt great. Also catching up with old friends, wow just crazy how time flies. Most of the 36hrs that I got to spend back home was just talking with my family and one really does not realize how much they miss the fam til I finally get to see them.

Well most importantly when I left for the trip I was 199 partially due to my "lady days" I was def. storing that water so I felt that I could have been weighing less. But when I got back today, I got on the scale and to no surprise I was 210. I mean aren't cruise lines smart not to have a scale in site as well as my parents place. While unpacking just now I weighed myself to see I was 208. Cool beans. Now back to just back to focus again.

Also, I would love to explain what a cruise line means to me. When you go on the these trips the initial payment is for room, board and 24 hour buffet. As dangerous as they are, it was much needed and like I told a co-worker the issue is getting back into the nitty gritty of work. Which I will be doing tomorrow but I must say it feels great and this tan. Have mercy.

I have pics to come. and more details of my update and my plans for the future. Must say I came back from this trip ready to Fung Shui my whole life.

Til Next Time'

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