Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall is in the air.....

Fall is in the air and it feels great. I woke up to the crisp chill in the air. It was a feeling the made me just want to remain cuddled in bed, but thought it would be best to wake up and do something will myself.
I was in the midst of watching Julie & Julia....Finally....and it's an amazing movie. It was reflection of how with pure determination for accomplishment you will succeed. More importantly it becomes easier to overcome those uphill battles with the great support from the loved ones around you. I wish I could surround myself with more support but first if anything I have to believe in myself.

It has come to my attention that Mail2Blogger is still not working. I should have known better that when google said they would have fixed the situation....they had not.... so  again the e-mails that I have been trying post are still now showing.

I have great news......update.... I am still 199. It feels amazing and unbelievable that I am onederland. It's scarry to weigh myself every morning..........with my fingers crossed hoping that I will not see a number two at the begining of that number.........but hey from the looks of it I am CLEAR! I am losing weight and I am never looking back

Last week I treated myself to a book of how to make 100 shake & smoothies. I had recently purchased a juicer and my mother had provided me a power why not get to juicing? I love it so far but I must say I tend to find myself always missing an ingredient for the recipes because I don't have it in I tend to make then shake my own by the time it's all said and done.
Back to that fall feeling....there is something about fall that makes me happy. I don't know if it has to do with fall being a time of great celebration for my family and myself or if it's the chill in the air that allows for my to start layering again without sweating a storm. but it made me want to take some pictures today, so expect so more post later this week. I am working hard for the weekly workout play list but some weeks it's harder than is as if artist come to a consensus as to when they would be debuting music. but I already have a line up for this week as well.

 on that note.....til next time

Quote of the week:

"Can't Stop, Don't Stop"
Can't Stop, Won't Stop"

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