Saturday, September 29, 2012

Major R & R......Bath Time

Ohhhhhh this feels soooo nice.....and it doesn't hurt that I am left smelling like roses.

This is a superb way to really have some rest an relaxation. I can't lie this was so soothing I think I have set the pace for a great week ahead.
A while back I had visited the Lush store from my local mall, and had purchased some bath bombs for my own personal use. I always say I would only use it when I had read earned or deserved  the right and after that work out I just had I definitely EARNED it!! When I had gone to the lush store I purchased 2 bombs and first up to bat for this occasion was Sex Bomb.

Before anything I want to be honest, the inspiration to this came from a Party Lite Maglog I just got. It was a very serene shoot with candles and natural nature with a clean linen feel. and I thought to myself a girl has to treat herself and that I did.

So before anything  I tided & really cleaned up the place and let the steaming hot water run. While the was occurring I was lighting up candles to set the ambiance.
And right when it was time and dropped the bomb.

Unfortunately the bomb did not come with a manual so I wasn't sure when I was supposed jump on in, I know I did it before the bomb stop fizzing.

To top it off I finished the bath with a great read, Entwined

and it all finished we a special surprise.....
Left the tub smelling like lovely roses and he couldn't keep his hands off. If you are as late as I am on this bandwagon you better hop on because it's an amazing and very soothing experience.

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