Sunday, September 2, 2012


Can I tell you HOW scared I was when it came to posting this.

On Thursday Night I was 200.00
Friday morning 199.0
So terrified that I would not be 199 that I did not weigh myself, 
Saturday night I was 198.5,
Then this Sunday morning I was 199.

So with that being said on average I have been 199. I am in Onderland!! Freak yes! The last time I weighed 199 was recent compared to my other significant weight-ins. The day that I left on the cruise I hit 199 on the day of and then I never saw it again.

but anywho time to celebrate.....

On my Goal List the next goal weigh in was 199 and I stated I would purchase a necklace the would celebrate the accomplishment

Three months ago today I purchased this neck lace form the piercing pagoda as a gift for the celebrating

It's time for Photo Op time =)

Can You Blame a girl =P

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