Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I went shopping...

Recently I celebrated my birthday. On the day of my birthday I had a small birthday celebration and at that point I wanted to have a really fab outfit to dance the night out.

Samples from Forever 21

 I want to be honest I am not really what the look that I was looking for but my mind sort of had an idea.
I was so disappointed, when I found out that all of these items that I found online  were not available when I went to my local store So needless to say for my birthday I ended up wearing an old dress on my birthday but yesterday I went back to forever 21 I found the peplum dress of my dreams.

I have to be honest I knew the dress was meant to be, to the point where I did not take it to the dressing room I just purchased and I tried it. This morning the dress fit fabulously. I plan on wearing this to a special occasion I am not sure when so I will save the debut but here is the dress.

I feel like a large would have been suffice but unfortunately this was the smallest size that they had.

Your know an out fit is on point when 3 girls come up to ask where we found the dress.


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