Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pieces of me....

Sorry that I have been MIA lately. Like I have explained before I was used to posting through mobile e-mail but that went right down the drain when the app stopped working all the sudden.

By the way, is anyone else having this issue?

This is really random but I have been utterly lost in my thoughts. I just feel like I have too many. and my mind is roaming endlessly through anything and everything that I could possibly think of.

My main concern right now is that I would like to change the way the I address my blog. I have dedicated this blog to weight loss. In all seriousness everything I do and every decision that I makes it's in regards to my health and where I want to be, so none the less I would consider it to be an important piece of my life. My weight loss of course is a major priority in my life but there are other entities in my life that I would love to acknowledge and share.

Let's get in depth with this.....

I love fashion, although I am plus size right now, for my age. In fact I have always been plus size. The only thing is that I have always been proportionate so through my eyes when I look in a mirror I never felt like wow I am BIG it was more like well if I lost a little more this outfit would be on point.

I love to travel. I would say once a month my family and I plan trips and travel around. This would be something I would like to share would you be interested?

I love the concept of Beauty. Personally beauty is the concept that mother did not teach me. Nothing again her but it was something that I did not take the time to learn but with that being said I love learning about it now.

Music......I know you have gotten a taste of my music. Music is what moves me and keeps me sane. Everyone has different taste but it stills moves you no matter who you are.

Q: If this was something that I would share with you? Would that be a problem?

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