Thursday, May 2, 2013

Not Bad

I am addicted to circuit training. I cannot afford to join a gym but I can try my best to do everything that I can at home. I just worked out for 2 hours with a range of planks, ab blaster, push up, jogging, intense cardio, etc.

But I am sure many of you can relate, the hardest part of a workout is convincing yourself to go work out. Because once start working out, you think "hmm this was not so bad," and then you leave thinking, I am glad I came.

8 weeks is the plan and I am already mid week one and I had not started but I really think it was the heat of this weather that has me anxious to get started.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to work half a day so I plan on spending the other half working out.

I need to use this weekend to jump start this workout. Let's see what the results will be

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