Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back at it

So sad but true. The only time I really find my motivation is when I am informed that I will be going on vacation and I am going somewhere where I have the opportunity to wear something skimpy.

Yesterday commenced the 5 week count down towards the trip. I am a big dreamer and believer that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.

The day before yesterday I weighed in at 206. 
Yesterday in a couple effort I enrolled in Crunch Gym. "No Judgement!!" is there motto.
Honestly the best deal. No contract and no enrollment fee. So pretty much the pressure of being at the gym comes from me, not my gym contract because in truth I can cancel at any time.

They got me, a free t-shirt for joining

I want to say that yesterday was day one.   I ate very healthy. 

Starting with lunch I had a delicious california salad with a delicious raspberry vinaigrette.

Ohh soo good. Again not sure if it was the price or the diet but it was so good.

Then after work I headed over to the gym and did the step master as well as elliptical for one hour. A small start but that is what has me coming back.

For dinner, I had chicken and broccoli and 2 boiled eggs with a watered down organge chicken sauce.
 Not sure if it's because I started my diet. But this was another dish that was so delicious.

I am waiting to head out to the gym again. I am starting off on really low levels to build tolerance. The other tip is that I am working body parts individually. So I can go everyday and still rest my body parts.

Fit Friday 

I honestly hope I can continue to document this. I also think I am going to take some before and after pics just to see the transformation if any by the end of this 5 week period.

Sadly, I had a weigh in and I came in the same.
 I can't give up. I know I can do this.

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