Saturday, September 7, 2013

Feeling great

Not promoting the gym or anything, but it feels great at crunch. No pressure. Feels like I could do what I wish and no one is there to tell me I cannot.

I did about 10 mins of cardio. Although the goal for today was to work on my triceps and abs.

15 pulls x 3 reps on this machine 

There was an assistance crunch machine did about (10 crunches x 6 reps) = 60 crunches

Also had to work on the glutes so I was working with squats.

I have to say I got it in. So I happy with my workout but of course I would like to do more today.
I had brunch today which consisted of 2 slice of whole wheat toast with 1 tbs of grape jelly and 1 tbs of butter.
Usually this would not have been enough but I am actually quite satisfied.

I have not changed from my work out gear. I guess because it's the weekend and I have time I really do want to do more. But I have to hold my horses. Staring Monday I will be working out in the morning and evenings.

For dinner I had a orange mandarins salad from Walmart I for got to take a pic but the calories about 600 calories.

The workout had me so tiered I literally slept for most of the day. I am so concentrated that it's making me a Debbie downer. The lack of energy after a small workout is scary just because I think I am too young to feel this exhausted.

Although I am starting off slow. I am telling myself that slow transforms into great life long habits.

I shouldn't have but I did, I weighed in

Very disappointed, thought I would have seen a better number based on how I was working out. 

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