Monday, February 3, 2014

Post Super Bowl - Was it worth it?

Lately everyone around me life is changing. Families are expanding, major career changes, physical and mental transformations. For myself... I am in the same place I was 4 years ago. Literally! I never thought that at 25 My life would be so blah! I hate to say this but it's true. As much as I try to make changes to lift my spirits my life remains the same....

This is me rambling along but it's how I have been feeling lately. Blame it on the blizzard weather and being so enclosed at home. 

So in working towards a spring fling I am making those little changes that will make the changes in the future.

Time to reflect:

To start of, dinner for two for the Super Bowl. 
This wonderful spread consisted of hummus with whole wheat pita dip, bacon cover dak-po-ki with a sweet chili dip, pizza, wings and angry orchard. I don't drink beer but I am willing to make an exception for angry orchard. Two Thumbs up!

The damage of course. Not bad, I always think it could have been worse, but then I forget about all the effort that I put towards the progress that I have made. When I think of it like this then i realize how depressing my backpedaling was.

Maybe, if I keep that in the back of my mind, before I do something in the future I will double think if is it worth ruining all the hard work that I had put in?

The worst is that I suffer from #FOMO ( fear of missing out). If you haven't heard well now you will know. There are new Oreos that are out, just release today. The new flavors are "cookie dough" and "marshmallow crispy". Again these new flavors were released today and I will not lie I went to 5 supermarkets/ drugstores looking for these babies, was it worth it?

Don't get me wrong the Oreos were delicious and about 5 were enough. But then I think again was it worth it?

After the 5 Oreos I headed out to Zumba, I ran for 20 mins to warm up and then I took a 1 hour Zumba class and it took all my strength to not barf my brains out. I am so sorry for the details but I have to remember this feeling because honestly was it worth it?

My stomach was turning and churning. And I had no idea what to eat. I decided to have something small. I made a frozen fruit shake that was water based. I made about 3 cups because I  was just so thirsty. I couldn't help myself but I became nauseous again. I ran home to post this because in a matter of 8 hours I have gone through so many emotions and I have to remember, was it worth it?

PS. please excuse the nails, that is the very next thing that I will be working on after this post.

Good Night!

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