Saturday, March 15, 2014

Checking In

Discloure this was to have been originally published on 02/24/14

Good Morning 

Update: 03/15/14
This morning:

What accounts for this? I think...the groceries or lack there of that last couple of weeks. With $20 I had stocked the house with granola, yogurt, carrots celery, almonds, salad and more. Pretty much stocking the house with food that I can snack on and not feel guilty about was great. 

These past weeks I have been struggling to create a delicious meal out of the scraps of food I have at home. I get too creative and make bomb dishes that I might eat too much of. But they are not from the healthy produce. It's the food already in my house with long shelf life, that I just don't want to throw away. Like my arepa mix

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