Friday, March 21, 2014

#TBT- Throwback Thurdays Blog Edition

Just coming in, taking the time to do some reflecting on what this blog is and the roots behind it.

The reason I blog is to track the progress that I have made, sort of like a journal. It's refreshing when your are a point where you are feeling discourage,  really about to give up.....most of the time it's because of plateau's.

For all you dieters you know the point where it's considered "Should I just give up? There is no progress, so why continue?" or "I am in the same place I was 5 weeks ago."

That's when you are ready to go to your blog and post about how you failed, again! but as you are about to post about how bad things are you see a clip of a blog post from months even years ago and you open it up.

Once you start re-reading some of the things that you have written before, you relalize in my case "Wow 3 years ago, I weighed 218".... I even remember joining a work challenge where I lost 3 lbs and was ecstatic that I weight 215!  Now, to keep it honest, I think I would cut a body part off if I ever weighted 215 ever again. **disclosure: please don't call the psychologist, that was a figure of speech**

See what I mean though? This gives me a way of tracking progress.Then having the opportunity to reevaluate this situation I am currently in as well as pressing the reset button on become focused again.

When you blog or vlog consistently you are holding yourself accountable as well as those who read your blog hold you accountable.

After time, you can honestly say "Wow! Look how far I have come" When you share your goals, some that at one point you might have thought were impossible. It's hard to explain the euphoria one has when the goal is finally accomplished, it's like!...overall it's an amazing feeling.

Jedi Mind Tricks

When you look back it's even more amazing that your mind has been playing Jedi mind tricks. Looking back you remember how your mind was gong-ho in that you would not be able to accomplish this goal but that if you could that would be AMZAZING!!

For example my goal years ago was to "be a on tread mile for 15 minutes. If I can do 15 minutes of cardio without passing out that would be GREEATTTT!" 2 years later, I was frustrated when my machines shut off on me after being on the treadmill for 1hour and forty minutes. Til this day I remember how proud I was when I was able to work out for 30 mins. and Til this day I still remember how proud I was when I was on a treadmill for 2 hours straight! and then did a Zumba class on top of that!  Insert "Wow! I have come a long way"

The highest that I have been on this blog was 222. There was a time 3 years ago, I can recall, that I was not able to break the plateau of 210lbs. More so, I remember a time 2 years ago when I was so dedicated for a vacation, that I was able to reach 190lbs, a number I never thought I would see again.

Throw Back Thursday - #TBT
Today, although I have clear focus of my goals, I thought it would be neat to do some reflecting. A little background, before I started this blog I was definitely a vlogger. Originally at the commencement of my vlog, my goal was to get down to the weight that I had been in high school.

Below is the oldest video that I have from my vlog channel which is still on Youtube (Summer08Journey). When I started there was a small community. When I was putting up videos at that time, I loved my body. My goal was not to lose weight, at that time my goal was be healthy. There was no back flab, no beer belly, maybe some some excess shake in my arms but I can be honest and say I was happy with my body.

Then like in the movie Frozen, I "Let it go!"....I put on some weight. I know i did, so this video is from 2009 when I decided to do a take 2 at this weight loss journey.

**disclosure the eye brows and hair in this video are completely out of control
 My eyebrows are drawn so thick it, looks like I might have been auditioning for a role as Frida**

For anyone who is reading this I appreciate that you are taking the time to read my post.

From the begging of time, writing has never been my strong point therefore it become hard to express myself sincerely.

With v-logging, not only do you get to understand how I am feeling, I think you also get to know me on a personal level.

Going back to the video, this is a video from 5 years ago! 5 years ago, crazy to think that I have been working towards this for 6 years now.


I feel that I am surounded by those whom are looking for me to prove that I could do this. Instead of those who would say "You can do it!" I decided to change that. I would like to surround myself with those whom support and distance myself from those who do not.

Roll Call 

I wanted to mention 2 bloggers / Vloggers that I follow that over the past couple of years. Have made great changes in theirs lives. and have been a great source of inspiration. So I wanted to take the time to give a shout out to some the Vloggers and Bloggers that I have been following for years, that keep me motivated day to day.

Truly Jess

"I'm Jess, a 27 year old fitness enthusiast training for my very first figure competition. I post daily videos on YouTube to document the ups and downs of my journey. Let's motivate each other! Welcome to Truly.Into.Fitness, I hope you enjoy your stay!"

Twitter - trulyjess
Instagram - trulyjess
Youtube - trulyjess

Curvy Fit Girl

"Just a girl. With curves. 
On a Mission to get lean, strong, and fit. 
126 pounds lost & going strong!"

Facebook - Curvyfitgirl
Twitter -  CurvyFitGirl  

While trying to muster a list of influential bloggers, I decided that I would spread this shout out in other posts as well.

Thank you for reading and watching!

Have a great day!

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