Thursday, April 17, 2014

Din Din & Updates

This may look like a hot mess but was actually quite delicious.

It was chicken covered in taboulee salad and sliced lemons with a side of kale and kimchi satay.

No seasoning needed. The meal was so delicious. The only problem (which is a good thing) my stomach hurt all night long. TMI** healthy greens flow right through me.

After my amazing last post all went downhill. Which is fine, depressing but fine.

I started off last Sunday with a trip to Tokyo Bistro, which my option would be my chance to have something small and  healthy.

Nothing crazy just a house salad and chicken- katsu. We then went to the batting cages. And then had a BBQ bueno. The BBQ was delicious but torment to my goals. I should have not given in but I thought "first BBQ of the seaso? why not?"

Regrets, sweet regrets. Then this passed weekend we ended up doing a day trip to Toronto. As a whole we are so culturally diversed that Toronto gives us a chance to catch up on what we would consider to be mama's home cooking. 

The foodie adventures consisted of Korean BBQ buffet where the food won. Then dim sum, Chinese bakery for dessert, a Japanese sake distillery, k-town for more food, Aprepa cafe for some Venezuelan delights, and macaroons (best ones I have had in my life).

At this point although it's Thursday I am still trying to recover from these foodie adventures. And still trying to cleanse my body as a whole.

I started off my week finishing off my previous weeks trader's joe's salads.

 Side note *** I honestly enjoy everything that comes out of trader joe's. There is no item that I have purchased, where I think to myself, "I've had better"

These past 3 days I have been dancing between 200 and 199.

Mom is coming up this weekend, so I have to prepare myself for a restless weekend of work work work and no sleep.

Today's weigh in:

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