Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Doctor's Check up

Who's Happy? This Girl!
Last week was amazing.....

First, I was seeing numbers that I had not seen in years.

I hit the 180's that was Amazing!!

By the doctors scale my blood pressure was great. I told the doctor the truth and I advised I was feeling a lot better. I lost 13lbs. Count them 13lbs.

The fact that I was able to put my mind towards a goal of change and I actually was able achieve it, is remarkable.

This is what this blog is about. I've always wanted to get really healthy but  in my subconscious there was always that fear that I am dreaming too big. That it might be too much to think that I would not be able to make the impossible, possible.

Panera Bread - Cobb Salad
It's in times like this that you really start to see who is here for you. Honestly, my hubby is definitely someone who has been here for me.

The moment the doctor said that I needed to change my eating habits immediately, he took it another step further and removed all the sugars, powdered drinks, chips, chocolate, and etc. out of the house. He hid it in the home (in bad hiding spots if I may say). But when my family came up this past weekend, he sent them packing with ALL the sugars and carbs in the house.

So although at first I thought he was doing that out of spite, I now understand that it was out of love and I will eternally be grateful for that.

Also, my hubby is a tough cookie although I was celebrating my great accomplishment. He was still worried about the future. And I get it.

I know that what I did now was not just so that I can hit a goal at the doctors office and then go back to how things were. I know that I am changing my life style for the future, forever.

Although he likes to be tough on me we did celebrate though, he treated me to some Panera Bread for lunch in which I got a cob salad. The meal did consist of a little cheating with the bacon bits and creamy dressing but hey for one day, I deserved it.

**With this, my out look on life has changed tremendously. I know that with my actions and faith I can work on reversing some of the damages that I have cause in my body. but today I will look and see that today is one step to a new beginning.

Things are looking great.

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