Monday, July 14, 2014


Plateaus are the test. Honestly!

This is when you really start to question if all this is worth it? And for how long can you go for?

 Ladies and gents I woke up Sunday morning and was at 189!! 

180 freaking 9. I have not seen that number since May of 2012. That alone is such a feat. And then my family came in town and I caved. I am at 191 and I am stuck. And now my mind is all over the place.

But thank the stars that I turned to Youtube. I watched trulyjess's July 12 th video, and she said it best.

Something like " Although you don't see results keep going until you do" because it's so worth it when you finally see it.

Well, what have you been doing?

Very simple, the doctor said follow a south beach diet. Okay fine. 

-No Carbs
-No Alcohol
- No Fruits
-No flour
-No white veggies- potatoes
-No bread
-No fried food

At least 12,000 steps a day
Try to work out for at least 1 hours per day
Only water
Lean Meats
Greens, greens, greens

I have an appointment with my physician tomorrow. let's see what the doc has to say. She asked that I lose 30lbs, I did 14lbs. I can't complain. because for all the time I was talking about losing weight on this blog. I just did it like that in a matter of a week. Cray right? and I can see myself keep going.

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