Sunday, October 5, 2014

Banh Mi

Banh Mi has been something that I tried for the first time this year and it has been everything.  As many of you know I follow 190Fat2Slim130 on Youtube. Actually I have been following her for a couple of years now.

Recently this summer, she actually went to Cali to get some good authentic food and she kept walking arounds with Bahn Mi's in her hand. If I recall she even brought Bahn Mi's back with her to the airport. I had to admit that I was very intrigued.

Literally later that week the Gothamist published best cheap eats in NYC since I was soon going to visit NYC it was a perfect article to read and the front page of the article was a Bahn Mi sandwich. Although I live in city where there are a lot of hit and misses with ethnic food. I was able to find a local restaurant that served Bahn Mi sandwich and it was delicious.

I went and only go to Pho Dollar for Bahn Mi sandwiches at this point and yesterday evening my hubby treated me. and again this sandwich was ........everything

For all my open minded followers, this is defiantly a must try. *Warning* you will gets hooked with the sweet and savory taste from the pork and the palette refreshing veggies of carrot and daikon radish.

In fact I challenge all of you to try if you are disappointed please share with me. and if you end up loving Bahn Mai's like I do I encourage to let me know as well.

and for this...You're Welcome

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