Thursday, March 18, 2010

49 Days til Graduation

Very excited!!

Just signed up for my first 5k race.

It's going to be the CONEY ISLAND SPORTS FOUNDATION 5k on June 27, 2010

My father ran the race there last year, and this year it's going to be my turn.

It's pretty shorts but very fun race. It a flat boardwalk race so I am not worried at all about the terrain and the incline. The more reason to be excited. But I think if anything the after party is one of the best I have ever seen, so I think it will be very worth it. Everyone is so nice and it's a really good atmosphere.

If any of you out there are interested feel free to Join Me

What has been weird is that during spring break I was really able to maintain myself and I was so happy with how much time I was able to give myself.

But since the stress of school has returned my blood levels have been crazy and I mean crazy. I have no idea what it is??

I started eating with my eyes again. Meaning that if something looks good, imma eat it.

I have to keep real with myself If I want to see a change. So no more lying, because it's the excuses that hold me back.
@208 -- 8/09/09
Closest goal weight right now
For the last three days I have completely maintained my weight completely, but the idea was to see weight loss right now.

Not maintain.
Today's Activity Goal
  • Run 5k at the Track & time it
  • Have dinner at 5pm and no snacking
  • Run 30 min on the treadmill
  • Bring my Blood levels to the 140's before going to sleep

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